Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Adventures in My Life (:

 Yesterday, my dad's girlfriend, my sister, and I went to a lot of places. It took a good long while, by the way.

We went to Hobby Lobby, Kmart, Famous Footwear, Target, and the Mall. I think that was all we went to.

At Hobby Lobby, I got two hooks for hanging things on, and on one is a Treble Clef, and on the other is a music note! I love it so much and I hung my hoodies on them!

I also got (from Hobby Lobby) a package of little, tiny bottles with a cork on each one. I already made some "potions" with them! Some of the "potions" are like, "Mermaid Tears", "Faerie Dust", and things like that! They're so adorable.

My dad's girlfriend and I got iced coffee from Starbucks, too. I got a small iced coffee with caramel. It's really good. I had one today, too! (:

At the mall, we went to Claire's, Icing, and I can't remember anymore stores we went to. But anyways, I just love going to the mall because it is fun to walk around in the stores!

 At Icing, we got me some earrings for my dad and his girlfriend's wedding. We also bought me an ear cuff, just because it was Buy One, Get One Half Off. It's really pretty!

Also at Icing, there was a flask that said "Booze, Shoes, and Boys with Tattoos" and I burst out laughing! Besides the booze, that is SO  me! Haha!


Next weekend is the trip to our family's Cabin, and I am so excited! I am making a list of things to bring (already!), so I don't forget anything!


Meow meow meow meow


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