Thursday, September 11, 2014


So remember Colton? 

Yeah... about that...

He dumped me. He broke up with me. He's not my boyfriend anymore.

He told me he was lying to me the whole time.

Well, he was doing a good job at pretending! Because I thought he actually liked me. But no. He doesn't.

I have also heard that he was just experimenting.

I heard he thought I was too clingy and that is why he broke up with me.

I also heard he dumped me for someone else...

Either way, I'm kind of sad. I cried a lot, and for a long time, last night. But I don't care. It felt good to cry.

But, you know what? I'm better than that, because I don't do those types of things to people, like he did. I don't do anything bad intentionally to people. I don't try to hurt people like he did.

I'm way better than that.

Way better.

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